Artworks by Aliisa Hyslop

Aliisa Hyslop was born in 1957 of Finnish/Scottish parentage. She attended college in Portsmouth, obtaining a BA in Fine Art (Drawing and Painting) in 1981. since then she has lived and worked in Edinburgh, developing her own particular style of figurative painting with its mix of joy and melancholy.

Aliisa never uses models – her inspiration is her imagination and experiences. She describes her paintings as a world somewhere ‘between reality and imagination’. Her figures are always large but Aliisa does not see them as fat. ‘I draw and paint intuitively, and I like large shapes and curves. I think perhaps it is because these images are about the soul, which is immense and boundless.’


Many of her images have been made into cards and published by Canns Down Press

Biographical feature in Radiance Magazine, USA