Artworks by John Keppie ARSA RSA 1862-1945

John Keppie (4 August 1862 – 28 April 1945) was a Glasgow architect and artist. From an early age he was a close friend of Edward Atkinson Hornel and would often bring in New Year with him in Kirkcudbright.

eppie was born in Glasgow, the fourth son of John Keppie, a wealthy tobacco importer and Helen Cuthbertson Hopkins. In 1888 he founded the the firm Honeyman and Keppie with John Honeyman. Keppie is credited with training Charles Rennie Mackintosh and it was wile working for Honeyman and Keppie that Mackintosh designed Glasgow School of Art.

Keppie was elected to the Royal Scottish Academy in 1920, and continued to take an active role in professional matters, particularly as a governor of the Glasgow School of Art. 

John Keppie ARSA RSA 1862-1945