Artworks by William Stewart MacGeorge RSA 1861-1931

William Stewart MacGeorge (1861–1931) was a Scottish artist associated with the Kirkcudbright School. Born in Castle Douglas, lived at 120 King St.

He attended the Royal Institution Art School in Edinburgh before studying under Charles Verlat in Antwerp. After becoming influenced by Edward Atkinson Hornel, who had also studied under Verlat, MacGeorge began using brighter colours. William Stewart MacGeorge later married the widow of Hugh Munro and settling in Gifford in East Lothian where he died. His widow bequeathed about 45 of his paintings to Haddington Town Council. He is fictionalised in the 1907 novel Little Esson, by his boyhood friend S.R. Crockett

William Stewart MacGeorge RSA 1861-1931
Oil on Board